If Memory Serves

An Education Game and Research Project

Game Development for Computer Science Education

Authors: Monica McGill, Chris Johnson, James Atlas, Durell Bouchard, Larry Merkle, Chris Messon, Ian Pollock, Michael Scott

Are you a computer science major? Have you encountered the world of pointers and memory management? Are you having trouble conceptualizing how they relate to code?

If Memory Serves features the Pointers Sisters, Addy and Val, who work in their family’s café. Their work often seems to be mundane, but the sisters are clever and have figured out a way to replicate their responsibilities in order to serve customers faster. They just need your help moving things along!

If Memory Serves is designed to help you make sense of both pointers and memory management through this analogy in context with your other instructional materials.

Note: If Memory Serves remains under development. Feel free to use the contact form to contact us with any suggestions or bugs that you find.